Spring in Germany, Cherry Blossoms

Snapshots of Walks in Germany in Spring


The last few weeks in Tübingen, Germany have been so gorgeous that I am not going to complain about the fact that for some strange reason, it has been snowing here for the last two days.

I just hope the snow doesn’t freeze or destroy all the sweet blossoms that are popping out everywhere.

The boys have been on Easter break so we have had lots of extra days out walking in beautiful Baden-Württemberg.

Like this ridge walk in the Swabian Alb, to a cross on a hilltop.

If you zoom in on the cross it says, Anna, Ich liebe dich, or Anna, I love you.

This is just one of many small gifts of being outside hiking that have made me smile this month.

A few other gifts:

Catching bits of the Camino all around Germany.

Watching my boys run ahead of me through the trees.

The sunlight on the trails.

Green grass growing brighter every day.

Blue skies. Budding trees.

Walking through this cloister at least once a week.

Views of Bebenhausen growing more colorful every time I walk by.

Golden yellow blooms.

New crops growing on the farm near our house.

Mossy forest floor.

New hiking boots.

Pink blossoms.

Being around little ones again.

White cherry blossoms.

Being invited by a new friend to walk trails full of cherry blossoms.

Hearing all about cherry blossom festivals in Japan.

Picnics outside on blue sky walking days.

Walking with friends.

Learning the difference between an apple blossom, a cherry blossom and a pear blossom.

Seeing beehives.


Putting away vitamin D bottle and digging out the sunscreen.

Following Taido and the boys through the woods.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Seeing the biggest landslide in the region with a rock expert!


Finding a huge swing and having friends to share it with.


April birthdays.


The boats appearing on the Neckar River in Tübingen after months of being put away for winter.



Gliding underneath the weeping willows.


A serenade on the river.


A perfect day for a ride on a boat.


Or for eating gelato by the river.

Being outside

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