Breath of Joy

Breath of Joy: A Series of Yoga Poses

I guess that I could go to yoga for the rest of my life and still, years from now, be learning new poses. I am always amazed that there is something new with each class. A position I haven’t heard of before. Or a new way to move my body. I have lived and operated this body that is me for a long time and still…I didn’t know it could bend that way. Today it was the breath of joy.  How can you not smile when your yoga instructor says,

Next we are going to move through a series called the breath of joy.

With each lift, as you fill your lungs, breathe in the newness that is spring.

She was all over spring this morning. It is 60 degrees in Arkansas today and the daffodils and cherry blossoms are smiling at me from around every corner. We had this crazy unusual snow last week and i saw pink blossoms topped with snow. Dusted really. They looked so delicate. The hope of spring underneath the late snow. So pretty. The images filled my head as I moved this morning. The breath of joy.

Filling up my lungs and heart with so much hope. I am ready for spring.


  1. Yes, it’s pretty outside…

    I did it! I completely caught up. I’m a few chapters into the Long Shadow of Little Rock, so I needed to know more of your journey (and everything else including the wet floor and such) that led you to every known book and documentary on the Little Rock 9. I love your passion.

  2. yay! you know i love it when people come along on my journeys. are you ready for a field trip yet?

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