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Last summer I wrote about reading this lovely book that is the introduction to a new series of books on ancient faith practices.

Then I read the first book of the series, In Constant Prayer by Robert Benson.  That was when I ordered The Divine Hours.

Then I sort of forgot about the series.

But today I realized that a couple more in the series have been published.  And a couple more are coming soon.

I am intrigued by the varied authors and enchanted by the covers.

Since I am looking forward to reading more from this series, I thought you too might want to know.

Just sharing…

These last two are due out in August:

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  1. Thanks for introducing this series. I’ll look for them when I go to Vancouver next time (Regent College). Lately I’ve heard about some RC Bishops calling for a “High Tech Fast” for Lent, that’s definitely the ‘postmodern’ practice.

    Also, love your header pic… what a beautiful family portrait!

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