king arthur books, book and sword, adventure tales

King Arthur Stories or Let The Heads Roll

king arthur books, book and sword, adventure tales

So, Taido’s been reading aloud at night for the last couple weeks instead of me. At first I wasn’t really sure why, but I thought that it might have something to do with the fact that I started a book of King Arthur Stories after the boys began to lose interest in Anne on like book number three in the series. And maybe it was just bugging Taido that I wasn’t reading all those jousting scenes with the emphasis a man might put on them. Or maybe it was that Taido really loved saying night after night, And then…he smote off his head in one blow! You should hear him say it. It’s hysterical. When he gets the book out, he usually says something like, Who’s going to lose their head tonight? And then Cole is all, Sir Kay! Sir Kay! He’s an IDIOT! I have to say though, that I am enjoying King Arthur in spite of myself. The night Taido read the legend of Tristan and Isolde, I actually cried. Their story is so beautiful. And I loved the story of Sir Gawain marrying an ugly hag out of the honor of a promise made to save King Arthur. Then his honor turns her back into her true self, a fair maiden. That night I dreamed about being turned from my current earthie hippy (read: dirty) state into a clean beautiful damsel. I woke up and I was like, I think I am dreaming about the dark ages. Which could be because I am so tired at night that I am already half asleep while Taido is reading. Or maybe it’s that sometimes our life right now kind of resembles the dark ages with regards to amenities.

But seriously, is there anything sweeter than a dad reading aloud to his kids? While we were camped in the yard of our friends in Oregon, I went inside one night to brush my teeth while Taido was reading King Arthur and I walked past our friend reading The Hobbit to his family. So sweet.

So this week, as I already mentioned, Taido went to the video store and came back with a bunch of King Arthur movies. Ah ha…his excitement over reading King Arthur revealed. He just couldn’t wait for the movie version. And I thought back to when I first started reading Anne this summer to the kids and realized that, I too, could not wait to finish Anne of Green Gables so that we could all watch the movie together. That movie is a huge part of my childhood. Watching it over and over with my sister is more than just a fond memory, it is like the essence of so much of the time we spent together. Every time Mary Polly pulls it out and watches it again in the car (with Simon), I just feel warm and fuzzy all over. I am not really sure if I will feel that way about watching adaptations of King Arthur, but Mary Polly and I are outnumbered by boys and this is one of those times that they get to win out over us.


  1. excalibur is such a cool, kick butt name for a sword.
    (heavy sigh) or as a casino.

  2. Anne brings warm fuzzies wherever she goes! I loved the wine scene with she and Diana.

    Hey, random question…I’m about to make another batch of the fabulous and famous Loibner salsa…what kind of vinegar do you like to use? I used apple cider vinegar last time because it was all I had in the house and I actually liked the sweet element it added. That is sacrilegious though, I know, do you just use regular old white?

  3. I always use white vinegar, but you can use whatever you want. The tomatoes vary the sweetness a lot anyway, so I don’t see why adding the sweet of apple cider vinegar wouldn’t be just fine.

    My favorite still has to be when her boat sinks and she is stranded on the bridge post. So great.

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