The Fiddler’s Gun by Pete Peterson

I bought The Fiddler’s Gun for my boys a while back because it’s an adventure story set during the American revolution.  And because there are some pirates.

So when I was packing for our trip, I grabbed it for them to read but then I ended up starting it.  Completely taken in, I stayed up late in the camper trying to finish it, swatting the bugs out of the beam of my headlamp.

There is much to love in this rich story, not the least of which is the motley crew of characters…orphans, pirates and soldiers.  Like the camp dirt still under my fingernails after many washings, Fin Button’s stubborn spirit and her rough crowd of friends worked their way into my heart to stay.

My boys are going to love this book for the fighting and war bits.  (It fact, it is probably a little too violent for younger readers.)  I loved it most for it’s redemptive themes.

I’m so glad there is more to this story.  The second book, The Fiddler’s Green, is going to be my reward for getting through our first week back to school!  Only 2 more days!


  1. Sounds like a great choice for active boys!!

  2. Putting it on our list!

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