Tales of a Wingfeather by Andrew Peterson

We fell in love with The Wingfeather Series this spring.

The books are by one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Andrew Peterson.

He sings a song called Dreams on his album for children about a kid who is looking for pirates, dragons and all sorts of adventures.

In my mind, these books are those adventures.

My boys especially love them, but since there are two brothers and one very tough little sister in the story, boys and girls can connect to them.

I read On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness out loud.  This one is setting the stage for what is expected to be five books.  There are lots of characters, places and invented vocabulary to keep up with, so it was probably helpful to read it aloud to keep it all straight.

But once my boys had fallen in love with the characters, they wanted to know what happened to them.  So they moved ahead of me to North or Be Eaten on their own.

I read the second book while we were in Crested Butte, staying up into the wee hours to find out what happened to our new friends, Janner, Tink and Leeli.  The momentum of the second book is impressive.  At one point I was so caught up in a story within the story that I forgot about all the other characters.

Ben was very sad that I could not immediately hand him the next book, but I loved the ending to North.  It was not a total cliffhanger in that parts of the story were complete.  I sighed with hope as I closed its cover.  In fact, I might read it again while we’re waiting on the next one.

The third is expected out next year some time.

We can hardly wait.


  1. Great pics! I will have to check those books out, haven’t heard of them and they seem right up our alley.

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