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Chino House Moments: Spring 2019

News from the Chino House

Here are a few things I’ve been loving this month:

  1. wisteria and tulips
  2. playing with sourdough starter
  3. imagining a world without prisons
  4. walking with friends on Arkansas trails and around the lake
  5. eating dinner in the backyard at a table and chairs that someone gave to us
  6. teaching yoga at the Senior Center
  7. anointing people with essential oils
  8. reading memoirs (latest read: Rabbit)
  9. road tripping through Shenandoah National Park for a wedding and sweet reunion with friends from Germany
  10. preparing and planning for a return to Italy

I have been soaking up the Southern spring.


I started spring with a hiking trip (HIKE + YOGA) and was reminded of how much I love being outside in Arkansas. What a huge gift to be out walking on trails (and doing yoga) with 13 other precious women!



Then Taido and I made a trip through Shenandoah National Forest and even hiked a few miles of the Appalachian Trail on a road trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.



The whole drive was gorgeous. We dreamed about going back to spend a week or two hiking and camping in Shenandoah.

After MANY fails and hours of reading blogs + watching YouTube videos, I have finally ended up with this sourdough loaf that I’m SO happy with. I’m making it daily as I continue to play with my recipe so give me a shout if you want a loaf. 🙂


I love getting these happy little bubbles in my starter.

So many things are changing in this season. Taido took a temporary job as an interim pastor at our church back at the end of February. Ben is about to graduate from high school and has decided to join Mary Polly at Wheaton College next year. Simon seems to be a bit taller every day. Cole is home from a long stint of working out of state.

We recently moved from an apartment to a rent house and Simon counted off to me how many places he’s lived in his life. Moving is such a reminder to me of how much is temporary. I finally opened most of the boxes I’d packed before we moved to Scotland, and even what I saved was a picture of all the ways I thought my life would stay the same.

I’m grateful for the way spring helps me see that God is always making everything new.

The changes aren’t just about what is going away or what is lost. Change makes space for me to watch and wait for what is being birthed.


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