The North Sea Walk, Windy Seas, Wheat Fields, Scotland

North Sea Walk

The North Sea Walk, Scotland

North Sea Walk

Sometimes, on Sunday afternoon, when everyone is feeling lazy or there is homework to be done, or you have already made a long walk to and from church, no one much wants to go for a walk by the sea.

In such cases as these, it is best to go along anyway.

Because it’s the sea.

And because sometime sooner than you think, the sky over The North Sea will be dark by 4pm on Sunday afternoons.

Blackberries on our walk by The North Sea
So if you put on your sweater (jumper) and jacket, pour yourself a cup of tea to go and head on out with the one or two who are willing, you will be glad that you did.

Because on the way, you might find blackberries.

Blackberries on our North Sea Walk

You will be delighted to discover that even in this cold, windy climate, bushes and bushes of berries can grow and thrive.

Blackberries by the North Sea Walk

You will walk past the golf courses that overlook the sea.

The North Sea Walk, Aberdeen Golf Club, Scotland

You will find yourself in awe of how gazing at the waves crashing on the sand never gets old.

The North Sea Walk, Storms, Scotland

And though the wind is cold and wild, it will not knock you over.

The North Sea Walk, Windy Seas, Wheat Fields, Scotland

In fact, you might find it exhilarating.

Storm Bunker in Scotland, The North Sea Walk

But when you have had enough, there might be a storm bunker to hide in for a while.

Wellies on our North Sea Walk, Scotland

Eventually, you will have to come out of the shelter and start back towards home, and you may then find that no matter how blue the sky is, you can still be surprised (and soaked) by the rain.

The North Sea Walk, Rainbow, Double Rainbow, Storms, Scotland

But even so, the rewards for having ventured out are pretty spectacular!

The North Sea Walk, Rainbow, Double Rainbow, Storms, Scotland

You will be so very glad you came.

The North Sea Walk, Double Rainbow, Scotland, Rainbow and Ocean


  1. I know it is kind of about the photos, but for me, this was all about the words and the expressions on your faces. I love this so much that I find myself lacking the words to properly describe it. I wanted to rush in and join you on the walk, though. XO!

    1. Thanks so much Bethany! That’s just what I would have hoped you might feel!

  2. I would have happily joined you on your walk! Gorgeous photos. It is definitely always best to go visit with the sea. We went on a little adventure of our own yesterday that I’m hoping to get to write about today, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!

    1. Thanks so much! And PS. That’s one of my MOST favorite Southern phrases!! LOVE!

  3. That top photo is everything. Love it!

    1. Cannot. Wait. For. You. To. See. It. SOON, I hope! XOXO

  4. The pictures are so lovely I could nearly feel the wind and I loved the rainbow. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Such kind words! Thanks so much!

  5. It sounds and looks like the loveliest of walks! I have loved the sea since my earliest childhood memories. Your beautiful pictures of rainbows reminded me of a verse from Ezekiel (Bible study last night): “As the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day so was the appearance of the surrounding radiance. Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD.” (1:28)

    1. Thank you for sharing this verse! LOVE it! What a wonderful picture!

  6. Wow! How beautiful! Wish I could go walking with you.

    1. Yes! A walk by the sea is so wonderful, but I love a walk by the lake in Arkansas too! XO

  7. Alison, thank you so very much for sharing all your wonderful adventures. I am so happy for all of you. Your pictures makes me feel the wind and the beauty of the sea….and the blackberries look awesome! Loved the rainbow. I know that each day is a new adventure for you….so happy for you!

  8. can u eat that blackberry?

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