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A Walk in Engelberg {Switzerland} (34/48)

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I mentioned yesterday that we walked to and from the village of Engelberg several times every day. Sometimes we went for groceries and other times to the visitor center to use the WiFi.

Most days we walked through on our way to another hike in the area or to reach the local abbey to buy their freshly made cheese. But other days we wanted to play at the playground or go to the bakery. Whatever the reason, I was always up for a walk into town.


The walk to Engelberg always began at the top of this hill. On a clear day you could see the mountain that was called “The Rooster.”


Sometimes the Rooster was shrouded in clouds.


And sometimes it was hiding all together.


But then on some rainy days, you could still see the Rooster.


It was the same walk every day, but it always changed just a little bit.


In town we would walk under these banners, and run our errands.


We would walk past hotels.

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And up to the abbey.


And maybe the train station.


On the way back up the hill we always passed my favorite yellow house.

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The one with the cute little garage covered in tiny shingles and ivy.

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I took a picture almost every time I walked by. Ben asked me why I kept taking pictures of it over and over again. The kids would run past it and on up the hill but I always stopped. I’ve never been that taken with houses actually. Trees and rocks and rivers are what usually stop me in my tracks, but there was something so enchanting about all the Swiss cottages and their flower window boxes. Talk about curb appeal!


All our walks to Engelberg ended up back here, in our own borrowed dreamy little Swiss chalet.

This was our 35th walk in my year of walking, and one of many  walks in Switzerland. Feel free to join in and walk with us for the rest of this year!

This week I am walking the epic Coast to Coast walk in England with my friend, Diane. Follow along on Instagram or Twitter.



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  1. Beautiful, even on a rainy dreary day!

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