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Snapshots of Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

Snapshots of Engelberg

Well, my month of posting about Switzerland has come to an end, and next week I will be turning the page on the summer and begin sharing all the fun from my latest adventure of walking Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Trail with my friend, Diane. But my memories of Switzerland would not be complete without …

Snapshots of Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

A Walk in Engelberg {Switzerland} (34/48)

I mentioned yesterday that we walked to and from the village of Engelberg several times every day. Sometimes we went for groceries and other times to the visitor center to use the WiFi. Most days we walked through on our way to another hike in the area or to reach the local abbey to buy …

Snapshots of Engelberg, Switzerland, Europe

A Story about Switzerland

As I have been recapping my summer travels, you might have noticed that I skipped something when I went from Paris to our trip home through the Lake District. I skipped about four weeks that we spent in Switzerland. I have been saving it, holding it in my hands and heart like a precious gem, …