Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser, Scotland

The September weather seems to be holding out for our weekend castle visits!

Castle Fraser is a mere 16 miles from Aberdeen, which is an easy afternoon outing for us.

The grounds and surrounding gardens are amazing!  Our boys spent as much time playing in them as they did touring the castle.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

The castle tour is self-guided, so you can go at your own pace.  Mother and I kind of lagged behind Taido and the boys, but Ben kept coming back and finding us to point out his favorite parts.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

There are lots of fun stories associated with Castle Fraser.  It is famed to be one of the most haunted castles in Scotland.  Our favorite history was perhaps that of Charles Mackenzie Fraser. Charles was an officer in the Duke of Wellington’s army during the Napoleonic wars, and returned from the war after being shot in the leg and head.  In the castle, you can view his wooden leg, his hat with the hole shot through it and both bullets that wounded him.  He lived and ruled the castle for a long time, making many changes before his death at the age of 79.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Castle Tower

We loved that in this castle you can actually go out onto the tower roof.  It’s such a treat to be able to see the surrounding areas from so high up.  Magnificent!

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Castle Garden

We all said this was our favorite part of the tour!

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

We took loads of pictures and marveled at standing on top of towers that have been around since the late 1500s.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Gorgeous Day + Fields + Blue Skies = Magical!

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Hello Incredible Castle Gardens!

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

You can tell that locals come and enjoy the gardens on days like these, as the benches and tables were occupied.  Also the castle tea room was almost full of visitors.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

And who wouldn’t want to wander these gardens as often as possible?

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Castle Garden

The grass carpet beckons.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Castle Garden Veggies

We were especially delighted to discover that on Saturdays, you can buy vegetables and flowers at a small garden market.  We bought three varieties of kale, which we enjoyed in salads and in vegetable dishes the rest of the weekend.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

It was too much fun to have castle garden veggies for dinner!

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Between the garden and the parking area at Castle Fraser, is hidden a precious children’s garden.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Children's Garden

It is a woodland play area, perfect for stories about fairies and dragons.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Children's Garden

I can imagine how a child would want to return again and again to this magical place.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Children's Garden

There was  a tipi, a room made out of trees, lots of wooden sculptures and even a giant xylophone made of wood that you play with sticks.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Children's Garden

Crathes Castle also had a woodland play area for children.  I think it’s wonderful how the area castles are also great fun for families.  There are special days for families at the castles, with activities on holidays.  There was a small sort of picture scavenger hunt at Castle Fraser the day we visited, and you could make a paper mache pumpkin if you wanted.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Still, it seems nothing will ever surpass the joys of a play sword for Simon.

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

And the castle does serve as a great backdrop for fighting.

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  1. What a beautiful castle and gorgeous grounds!! I am just loving how castles have so many activities for kids! Something for everyone!!

    1. I’ve been surprised by how much there is for kids! It makes me want to visit them all! 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous castle! Perfect for a beautiful Scottish day.

    1. So perfect! Thank you!

  3. Your posts are making me want to spend some more time in Scotland again. I better plan out 2014 & make some money 🙂 Gorgeous castle.

    1. I know! I feel the same way about seeing your Ireland posts! So many places to see!!

  4. I love the history and castles you can find all across the British isles! And these images are absolutely gorgeous, on my next UK visit I should really make an effort and find some castles to visit in the Southwest.

    1. For sure! They are too too much fun!

  5. I think your new calling is as a travel guide. Seriously you could plan some awesome trips for some eager ladies to visit these beautiful sites.

    1. Oh my wheels are spinning for sure, Jeanetta! Save your pennies because I have all kinds of ideas for girls trips to the UK! 🙂

  6. The castle’s tower roof, gorgeous gardens, magnificent white clouds in a blue sky…I feel like I’ve been transported to faraway land full of beauty and wonder! I am thankful to share in your adventures and feel very blessed by your pictures and words!!!

    1. I love having you follow along, June! I think you will visit here one day for sure!

  7. What a lovely castle. The pictures are amazing. Thanks for linking up with us.

    1. Thanks so much, Leigh!

  8. Such a beautiful place. I am a huge fan of castles so I loved reading your story. Having history like this for the whole family to explore is one of the things I love about living in Europe!

    1. It’s true! These are really rich experiences for our kiddos!

  9. very nice castle!

    1. Yes, it’s super nice! Thanks for dropping by!

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