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Snapshots of Tubingen, Germany, Deutschland, Schloss Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein Castle

A Walk to Lichtenstein Castle, Germany (Schloss Lichtenstein, Deutschland)

Lichtenstein Castle (German: Schloss Lichtenstein), also known as the “Fairy tale castle of Württemberg,” is an 1840s Biedermeier style Gothic Revival castle built on a large rock near Honau, Reutlingen, in the Swabian Jura situated in the Tüblingen region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. -wikipedia We set out from our flat in Tübingen on a recent Saturday to hike to Lichtenstein Castle. After taking a bus and a train to the nearby town …

Craigievar Castle, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Visiting Aberdeen: Castle Trail

Castles near Aberdeen and Beyond Oh Scotland, Land of Castles. Castles that are old estate homes. And castle ruins by the sea. Today I’m sharing a collection of photos of castles in Scotland. Like Dunnottar in Stonehaven, there are a few castles we return to with friends again and again because of their proximity to …

Aberdeen Visitors, Stonehaven, Donnottar Castle, Scotland

Visiting Aberdeen: Stonehaven

Visiting Aberdeen: Dunnottar Castle and Stonehaven Our first excursion out of Aberdeen after our overseas move to Scotland was to a castle just outside of Stonehaven. We walked two miles down King Street from where we were staying as guests of a family who were back in the US at the time to Aberdeen’s city …

Castle Closed, Scotland, Security, Chino House

Speyside Way Stories: Castle Closed

Excuse me, miss, can I help you? I knew I was in trouble by the tone of his voice, but I was buying time. Um, no, actually, I don’t think so. I answered meekly. He came back with, What are you doing, exactly? Me: Well, we’re just walking down this road. (stating the obvious) And, …

Craigievar Castle, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

A Walk near Craigievar Castle {Scotland} (42/48)

Our summer went by really fast and we got to do so much that I have almost forgotten some of my favorite days. Slow days in Scotland with friends and family. Like this one, when we Sarabeth was in town and we went to Craigievar Castle, a place in Aberdeenshire that may have inspired the …

Rainy Days Out at Crathes Castle with Go Ape

Rainy Days: Going Ape At Crathes Castle

See that little monkey in the tree? That would be Ben. He is way above me on a ropes course that is about thirty minutes from Aberdeen at Crathes Castle called Go Ape. Have you heard of Go Ape? They have tree top adventures all over the UK that look super fun to me! We …

Castle Fraser, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Castle Fraser, Scotland The September weather seems to be holding out for our weekend castle visits! Castle Fraser is a mere 16 miles from Aberdeen, which is an easy afternoon outing for us. The grounds and surrounding gardens are amazing!  Our boys spent as much time playing in them as they did touring the castle.

Crathes Castle, Scotland, Banchory

Crathes Castle in Banchory, Scotland

Visiting Crathes Castle You could make an entire trip just out of visiting castles in Scotland.  There are soooo many!  I have already collected more brochures and flyers for castles than we can possibly see this year! We stopped at Crathes Castle on our way home from a quick getaway last week.  The castle is …