Craigievar Castle, Scotland, Aberdeenshire

A Walk near Craigievar Castle {Scotland} (42/48)


Our summer went by really fast and we got to do so much that I have almost forgotten some of my favorite days.

Slow days in Scotland with friends and family.

Like this one, when we Sarabeth was in town and we went to Craigievar Castle, a place in Aberdeenshire that may have inspired the original Disney Princess Castle.

Craigievar Castle, Scotland

My kids were still in school at this point, so Sarabeth and I were exploring castles and gardens. Taido was along with us this day, and we walked these woods around the castle before it opened up for the day.


This was in June so everything was all in bloom.


Again, I just keep remembering that the forests and flowers are going to look this way again.


After a walk through the gardens and woods, we toured the castle of course.



The best bit is always the view from the top.


I’m so grateful that I got to share this walk with my sweet friend and her daughter. Having friends visit has been one of the greatest gifts of living overseas!


  1. I love hearing about your life in Scotland. I know where not suppose to be envious of anyone, but I am very envious of you all. One my passions was to visit the British Isles and to see England or Ireland or Scotland. The ancient buildings, the culture, and the people fascinate me. Keep up the sharing!

  2. What a gorgeous castle!

  3. Wow it’s incredible! It’s just unbelievable beautiful! I live in Arkansas actually (I saw you from here) but I would prob prefer Scotland!

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