cowboy boots and umbrella, cowboy boots by the river

Boots in the Rain


cowboy boots and umbrella, cowboy boots by the river

In August, my parents went to their 45th high school reunion and celebrated their 42nd anniversary.

To mark these special events in their lives, I asked Whitney to take pictures of them.  We used to take a family picture every year growing up, but once we all flew the coop, my parents stopped having their picture made.  This makes me kind of sad.

Whitney and I set a date way in advance, because it’s hard to get everyone’s calendars to align.

A few days before the shoot, we made sure Daddy had some clothes that weren’t ripped and Whitney put outfits together out of Mama’s closet so we would be ready.  Country Outfitter even let me have these great Ariat Ramblers for Daddy to wear for the pictures.  He has worn down his old riding boots and was thrilled to have new kicks.

Mary Polly and I both decided to go along to help, so we got dinner ready and then just as we were heading out the door, it started raining.

We deliberated about what to do for just a minute before Whitney decided to throw some umbrellas in her car and go for it.  My parents were leaving town the next day and we were not sure when we would get another chance.

I am SO GLAD we went for it!  This was one of those evenings where Whitney’s instinct as a photographer turned out magical results.

We all decided we LOVED the rainy light.  It made everything so bright and beautiful.

We changed locations because of the rain.  We went down by the Arkansas River in Burns Park.

jeans and boots, boots and umbrellas, cowboy boots and jeans, cowboy boot fashion on baby boomers

The rain just made the whole evening fun.  Who doesn’t want to squeeze under an umbrella with someone you love?  So sweet!

boots in the rain, cowboy boots and jeans, yellow and cowboy boots, boomers in boots

Be still my heart!  This picture is my favorite.

I’ve talked a little about my Mama and her health over the last year, but this picture reminds me how much joy she feels right now.  I am so grateful for how delighted she is with life at this season.

cowboy boots and jeans, boots and green grass, cute pictures of boots

I’m also so thankful for my parents’ marriage. They have proved both that marriage is not an easy road and also that staying married is worth the work it takes.

This is such a gift to me.

baby boomers in boots, everyone can wear cowboy boots, cute couple in boots, green grass and boots

After the rain, the sky cleared up for us and we got some sunshine.

Boots in the Sun tomorrow!



  1. Oh my goodness. LOVE these. Love the pics, love those people. Precious.

  2. Love love this pictures! They are precious. Love your mama and Daddy too! Thanks for sharing. I’m trying to get Dwight to go with me to have pictures taken as well. We are coming up on our 5th wedding anniversary and have not had pictures since our wedding. Maybe if I show him these it might influence him to do it! Thanks alison.

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