stories about grandpa, girl reading a story

My Grandpa is Amazing + Exotic Drinks


stories about grandpa, girl reading a story

I bought this little storybook for my parents to keep at their house a long time ago because the Grandpa in it rides a motorcycle.  It’s called My Grandpa is Amazing by Nick Butterworth.

My kids LOVE for their grandparents to read stories to them, especially Grandpapa, because he often changes the words in a storybook to make them sillier.

Once when he was reading this story to Mary Polly, she asked him if he knew how to make Exotic Drinks like the Grandpa in the story.

Of course I do! he said, and then he proceeded to make the kids an Exotic Drink.

Little did he know that he was starting what is now a 10 year tradition of making Exotic Drinks for grandkids.

It’s a good thing that the recipe is fairly simple and that he almost always has the ingredients on hand!

kids with orange juice, kids with fun drinks

Grandpapa’s Exotic Drinks

1 part orange juice

1 part fresca

2 grapes

Serve over ice.

It’s amazing how little it takes to impress a grandkid!  Even the older ones jump for Exotic Drinks whenever they are being served.

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