Aspen To Crested Butte: Day 4

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2 families, 4 days, 3 nights, 15 miles, 3,000 feet of elevation gain. This summer our family hiked from Aspen to Crested Butte with another precious family. Read about our first day on the trail here. And second day here.  Third day here. Aspen To Crested Butte: Day 4 Taido woke us up early with bowls of coffee and oatmeal on our last morning in the mountains.

Aspen To Crested Butte: Day 2

Aspen To Crested Butte Day 2, camping, colorado, backpacking, hiking with kids

2 families, 4 days, 3 nights, 15 miles, 3,000 feet of elevation gain. This summer our family hiked from Aspen to Crested Butte with another precious family. Read about our first day on the trail here. Aspen To Crested Butte: Day 2 Before the sun was up, Taido was gone from his sleeping bag. I heard a noise, so I came out of my mummy bag enough to see that he was gone. I said a little prayer and tucked my head back inside my sleeping bag, hidden away from the cold mountain air.

Cloudy Skies: Crested Butte, Colorado

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While we were in Colorado in July, Taido took tons of pictures of the sky from the same spot in our campsite in Crested Butte. I am thankful that he and my dad are always keeping an eye on the changing skies when we’re camping and hiking. Being caught in storms while hiking has bestowed in me a healthy reverence for the unpredictable weather. I really prefer to listen to the rain from the inside of the camper or watch the hail fall from underneath our magic tarp, but the weather changes very quickly in the mountains so we don’t … Continue reading

Favorite Summer Memory

In honor of my daddy’s birthday today, I thought I would share this sweet little picture that Simon brought home from school.  It’s his favorite summer memory. Riding a motorcycle with Grandpapa. My dad has this off-roading motorcycle that he rides when we are camping.  He can be gone for hours on it and you never have any idea when he’ll be back.  There have been many years that we’ve driven home at the end of a trip and left just him and his bike out in some wilderness. He always finds a way back home eventually. For the last … Continue reading

Oh Be Joyful: Crested Butte, Colorado

Oh Be Joyful

Oh Be Joyful. That’s the name of the valley we camped in near Crested Butte, Colorado. We’ve camped here several times before, so it was all shouts of joy in the van when we decided to return there for the last leg of our summer vacation.   My parents met us there and the kids were very happy to see them. Even though we live in the same town, it is a special treat to go on vacation and have a little uninterrupted time with the grandparents. We also met up with our friend Jermaine, who we’ve known since we … Continue reading

Two Weeks in Colorful Colorado

So as I’ve been going through pictures, I realized I never put up all the pictures from our trip to Colorado last summer.  I even had the ones for the blog all picked out and in a folder. I know what happened. Every year, when our time is up in the Rockies, I drive home while Taido stays in Colorado for more adventures.  Our kids all start school just a couple of days after we get back.  We miss open house.  We throw together some school supplies and last year’s uniforms.  The kids go back to school.  We’re all exhausted, … Continue reading

Camping in Aspen


After a few glitches on the road trip out (flat tires and lost keys and such), we had a wonderful two weeks in Colorado and Utah.  We saw new beauties and old favorites! Here are a few highlights of our first few days, which we spent in Aspen, Colorado at Difficult Campground. The Aspens and trails right around our campground were gorgeous. Lots of exploring happened right around our camper. Everyone was thrilled to be able to dig out warm clothes after June in Arkansas! Our second day we hiked a familiar Aspen trail, the Maroon Bells. It is breathtaking. … Continue reading

spring break

For the first time since 2007, I did not go to Colorado with Taido for spring break. We split up just like we did five years ago.  Taido took the oldest (and Tara) with him for the always epic Snowcamp in Colorado and I took the younger three to see my sister in Wheaton, Illinois. My mom went with me and we got an early start on Friday morning so we could be at Anna and Robert’s by suppertime. My sister is the head pastry chef at a charming little spot called Honey and she does catering on the side. … Continue reading