Favorite Summer Memory

In honor of my daddy’s birthday today, I thought I would share this sweet little picture that Simon brought home from school.  It’s his favorite summer memory.

Riding a motorcycle with Grandpapa.

My dad has this off-roading motorcycle that he rides when we are camping.  He can be gone for hours on it and you never have any idea when he’ll be back.  There have been many years that we’ve driven home at the end of a trip and left just him and his bike out in some wilderness.

He always finds a way back home eventually.

For the last few years he has lead a trip for men in the Rockies, camping and riding four-wheelers and motorcycles.  While we were there he was riding around doing “research” for that camp.

The kids love going for rides with him.  I just have to close my eyes as they drive away.  I love that they enjoy adventures with Grandpapa, and I love that they are not afraid, but it makes me a little nervous.

I’ve had enough experiences in motorized vehicles with my dad that I am generally just fine to wander the woods on my own two feet.  (Even on foot, he can lead you somewhere you might not want to go.)

These are the kinds of signs you can expect to encounter when riding around with my dad.

Daddy has braved a lot of narrow steep roads, literally and figuratively.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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