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Mini Walking Stories: Swiss Mountain Hut Breakfast

No One Feeds You Like The Swiss

Swiss Mountain Hut Breakfasts
Breakfast Spread at Hotel Wildhorn in Lauenen


The Swiss Mountain Hut Breakfast might be my favorite Swiss Meal.

A close cousin to German breakfast, the offerings are both predictable and plentiful.

There will always be muesli, which is kind of like granola, but without any sweetener.

A staple of the Swiss breakfast table, muesli has dried oats, raisins and seeds.

I eat it with yogurt, but some folks use milk or even chocolate milk.

Other regular offerings in the Swiss Mountain Hut Breakfast include:

Dry cereals

Boiled eggs: you can have them soft-boiled or hard-boiled. You actually make them yourself, usually in a boiler that is set up on the breakfast buffet.

Pastries: croissants, pain au chocolat, muffins

Fresh bread with toppings: butter, jam, honey, nutella

Various cheeses (Emmental, Gruyère) and meats (ham, salami)



Juice and milk

Hot chocolate, tea and coffee

I love the Swiss Mountain Hut Breakfast. I prefer it immensely to the traditional English Breakfast, or even American Breakfast, both of which I find to be too heavy to eat just before hiking.

I eat my yogurt and muesli first, then a soft-boiled egg and toast. I end with a couple of pieces of fruit, which I often have to just stick in my pocket, because Taido is ready to go.

It may be difficult to hike the Via Alpina, but at least you are well-fueled for the day.

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