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picking blackberries

Mini Walking Stories: Picking Blackberries

Picking Blackberries I get so excited when I start to see berries on the trail. And it’s even more fun when I am walking with someone who shares my enthusiasm for picking them. This past summer, we found blueberries, blackberries and raspberries on the Via Alpina. And blackberries were absolutely everywhere along our summer hikes …

Life Goals

Mini Walking Stories: Life Goals

Life Goals Taido and I say to each other all the time that we want to keep hiking well into our old age. Then this summer, only a few days into the Via Alpina, I was starting to think thoughts like: I think this might be my last serious mountain climb. It’s time for me …

Massenlager, Via Alpina, Switzerland

Mini Walking Stories: Massenlager

MINI WALKING STORIES Mini Walking Stories is a project I’m doing this month to catalog a fabulous year of walking. Every day during December, I’m going to choose one photo and invite you to come along with me for a few minutes on one of the walks I took in 2022. Read more stories here. …