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Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain.


The End of the Journey.

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This post is from the end of our walk from Logrono to Burgos, Spain. You can read more posts from this walk, or from other Camino trips

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In my longtime obsession with the Camino, I have read quite a bit about the different cities that you pass through, so when we made our Camino plans, I knew that I wanted to have a whole day in Burgos, Spain.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_101325

Plus having an extra day built in had the added benefit of not making us feel rushed on the walk to get to Burgos. If we had needed to take a day off because of an injury or mishap along the way, we had this extra day to fall back on.

But since we didn’t need to use our “cushion day” on the trail, we had a full day in Burgos before we needed to take a bus back to Madrid, and I’m so glad we did.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_101827

We started off with a slow morning at our hostel, having breakfast with everyone who was headed off along the rest of the Camino. We wished everyone fond farewells. I sat long after the breakfast buffet had been cleared, having more coffee and writing in my journal, filling in the details I didn’t want to forget.

We opened the windows of our room to air out our packs and Kandace washed our smelly hiking clothes in the hostel laundry. For the first time in days, we didn’t smell of mildew.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_101848

Then we began to wander the rather gorgeous town of Burgos. The Arlanzón River runs right through the town, so we found ourselves walking up and down its shores several times as we criss-crossed around the city.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_101953

I always love a city with a river walk!

Camino IIIMG_20191113_102029

We wandered away from the Cathedral (though it was always in view), and then back towards it again.

We visited the Museum of Human Evolution, where among other exhibits, we saw the oldest human remains found in Europe. They were found just outside of Atapuerca.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_120051

We had entered the Old Town the day before from the east so we had missed this great gate that welcomes you from the west.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

It’s actually a tower that we climbed up into. There were offices inside, but also some historically preserved corners where soldiers used to stand guard over the town.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_122420

We returned to the rows and rows of tapa bars for lunch, where we managed to find some new bites to try as well as favorites from the day before.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

After lunch we wandered the city some more.

Burgos Spain Pharmacy

We made a stop in a pharmacy where Kandace introduced me to the wonderful world of French moisturizer.

Burgos, Spain

We stopped in more shops for souvenirs, including a stack of postcards we later sat writing in the hotel bar.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_132303

We climbed the stairs up the north side of the Old Town behind the Cathedral.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

They lead to several more old church buildings.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_132701

And then up to a park that overlooked the city.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

Beyond the park is the medieval Castle of Burgos, which we wandered around for a long time. It was open and free to the public to climb around the castle ruins.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

All along the walls we stopped for photos of the city of Burgos below.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_134331

Also, we photographed ourselves with our matching Camino shells in the castle ruins. I’ve had mine since I walked the Camino in 2015, a precious gift from my fellow walker LynEtte. And Kandace got hers that day in Burgos. So fun.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_135731

The cathedral seemed smaller from this height, though it still towered over everything else below.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

The views in every direction were just gorgeous.

Camino IIIMG_20191113_135738

It felt like you could see everywhere we had walked over the last week.

We stayed in the park until we started to catch a chill. Then we walked back to our hostel where we ran into the hostel host from our first night on the trail. That hostel had closed now for the winter and the staff had all come to Burgos to find different jobs until it opens again in the spring.

We also saw our friend Tony, who had stayed back a night to have a rest day. He was returning from visiting the monastery, a sight we had missed and further proof that Burgos, Spain is a city worth spending a bit more time in.  Tony had invited everyone in his hostel room to dinner, which he was fixing in the hostel kitchen. We joined them for our last meal as pilgrims on the Camino, a fitting end to our week.

Snapshots of Burgos, Spain

The next morning we threw on our backpacks, had a final coffee and headed off to Madrid to fly away. We so enjoyed every moment of our time in Burgos, Spain.

And every moment of our sweet Camino journey. Even the rainy, snow bits.

Coffee in Burgos, Spain

PS. Since I have no idea where all the places we ate are, here’s a great guide to food in Burgos.

This post is from the end of our walk from Logrono to Burgos, Spain. Thank you for following along! You can read more posts from this walk, or from other Camino trips. We’ll be returning to the Camino in 2020. Wanna come along?


  1. I have enjoyed your trip and photo!!!! Beautiful trip!
    I heard you have a new challenge in your life thanks to a slip in the house 🙁 Take Care!!!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth!! Feeling much better! Ready to get out walking again!! XOXO

  2. I’ve loved every day traveling the Camino with you. The photos are always outstanding. Thank you, Alison, for sharing your journey.

    1. Thank you so much Wanda! It’s been a joy to write! I appreciate you following along! XOXO

  3. Beautiful photos! What camera do you use? I’ve enjoyed your journaling of this meaningful walk. Thanks for sharing all these posts!

    1. Thank you so much Arti! In the last year I’ve gone to a Google Pixel Phone (I think I have the 3?) and it’s the only camera I use. I’ve really enjoyed leaving my big camera behind and it had gotten so that the phone capabilities had about surpassed it anyway.Crazy!

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