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Love Letters

Love Letters

Do you know what happens in February?

First and foremost, it’s Black History Month, so it’s a good month to read a book by a Black American. (Need a suggestion? I got you.) 

But also, February is sometimes all dressed up in PINK, 

Because of St. Valentine’s Day. 

Which I know has been co-opted into a commercial day, 

Otherwise known as 

The Day Of Inevitable Disappointment. 

Seriously, for a lot of my life, Valentine’s Day was definitely a no-win situation. It was one of those moments of the year that I expected something AMAZING to happen and then it (or he) didn’t deliver. 

But at some point, I shifted my thinking around Valentine’s Day and began to think of it as an opportunity to express my love. And not just romantic love, although that’s cool too. But as a way to spread all kinds of love. Because I have a lot of love to give. 

And so I bought all the favorite things I loved for so long, like construction paper hearts and pink tissue paper and doilies, and used them to make valentines to give away. 

Feel my love in the form of chocolate and lace.

I haven’t made valentines in a while. My kids got older and we moved eighty times and somehow the craft supplies didn’t make the cut. 

But I still LOVE a good Valentine. 

And what I really love…


Of course, I love the “bleeding heart confession of undying love” kind of love letter. 

But I also love the “friend, your presence in the world is what makes life bearable for me” kind of love letter.

And the “Mom, you are the BEST!” love letters. 

And the “Hello gorgeous co-worker! I just want you to feel SEEN today!” love letters.

So in order to spread MORE LOVE this month,

I am doing a fun little email course I am calling:

Love Letters

For one week, I will pop in your inbox with an idea for a letter you can write.

Seven days.

Seven letters.


So grab your pen and join me in spreading the kind of LOVE that makes someone’s heart skip a beat.

Construction paper hearts optional.



This course has finished but you can now access it as an ebook right here. Happy writing!!


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