August 2007, book of letters, alison chino

A Book of Letters

August 2007, book of letters, alison chino
Me in Crested Butte, Colorado in 2007, the year I started this blog.

Happy Ten Year Blog Anniversary to Me!

Ten years ago I started writing on the internet, and to celebrate that little milestone, I am releasing a little 60-page book of letters I wrote right here:

It’s called Letters from Alison.

I hope you enjoy it!

Blogging has been the most wonderful gift to me as a writer, an opportunity to take many of my ramblings out of my journal and onto permanent web pages, where I can edit them and add pictures and create pieces of work that I love.

My blog holds lots of little fragments of my heart and has been a way to freely share my art with others. I’m super grateful for the place it has had in my life over the last ten years and for every person who has spent any time reading what I’ve written.

Friends, thank you so much for popping over to my corner of the internet and reading my stories.

I appreciate it so much!




  1. Dear Alison,

    I’m always stunned by the simple and profound way you express your love for your family and for God. I had to share your “little book” on the Fellowship Batesville page on FB. I love the letters to Cole, Mary Polly, Ben and Simon. I’ve read most of the letters on your blog previously, but tonight I had to stay up late and read them all again. There were a few new ones.

    Much love,

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