Snapshots of Winter9

Snapshots of Walking in Winter


Snapshots of Walking in Winter in Illinois + Musings From My Wanderings

Several years ago I wrote the following Richard Rohr quote on an index card and hung it up in the kitchen of the apartment we were renting.

Richard Rohr Quotes

In order to live your soul into the world, you must continually loosen your beliefs about who you are.

I’ve moved this little card to three more places since writing it.

I keep hanging it up,

and its truth keeps revealing itself to me.

Here’s an example:

Something I’ve believed about myself for a long time is this:

I’m not a winter person.

Other versions of this belief include:

I like summer.

I like warm weather.

I like being hot.


Winter in IL11

As soon as I learned we were moving to Illinois,

I began to try to loosen this belief.

Just a little bit.

Instead of dreading winter,

could I find a way to embrace it?

Could I let it in?

Winter in IL2

We had our first snowfall here early in the season.

Winter in IL3

The autumn colors were bright and beautiful,

and then all of a sudden,

they were covered in snow.

Winter in IL4

It was a strange muddle of the seasons.

Winter in IL5

And it was kind of beautiful.

Winter in IL7

Then winter arrived in earnest when I returned from Spain.

I have kept this coat that could double as a sleeping bag handy.

Plus snow boots.

Winter in IL8

I don’t get out in the winter weather every day.

But when I do,

I am surprised by how much I like walking in it.

Winter in IL9

Of course it’s more fun with friends.

Winter in IL10

My sister-in-law is not afraid of winter, but she and I definitely share a love of warm weather.

Winter in IL27

In January, the snow turned to ice.

When it gets super cold around here, the top layer of the snow freezes into this shell of ice.

Winter in IL17

So Taido bought these grips that are like snow chains for your boots.

We have had more fun with these than I thought was possible.

Winter in IL18

They make me feel like a superhero.

Winter in IL22

And I can walk on all these icy roads without falling.

Winter in IL21

Winter in IL23

It’s crazy.

It’s almost like I am a winter person.

(kind of)

Winter in IL26

I do love feeling equipped to get outside no matter what the weather is.

Snapshots of Winter in Illinois

Here’s another belief I’ve had about myself for a long time.

I’m not an animal person.

Winter in IL13

But then I fell in love with the Davidson family dog, Harley.


I walk her around Glen Ellyn whenever I’m in town,

which is a lot.

And I’ve even brought her to Rock Island to keep me company.

Winter in IL6

So now I’m walking around outside in winter,

and I love this dog,

and I think maybe I am living my soul into the world.

Winter in IL19

Who knows?

Winter in IL28

Here’s another quote I wrote down this week while reading Michael A. Singer’s The Untethered Soul:

The spiritual journey is one of constant transformation. In order to grow, you must give up the struggle to remain the same, and learn to embrace change at all times.

While walking with Simon on winter trails (and trailing behind him), I think about how much change he has lived through in his short life. I wonder if we are helping our kids to embrace change or if they will struggle harder to cling to the safety of “same” because we’ve dragged them through so much change.

…learn to embrace change at all times.

I don’t think I necessarily set out to learn this truth, but I’ve had the wild and wonderful privilege of discovering it.

Winter in IL29

And I know there is more change to come.

And I’m sure I will catch myself again in the struggle to remain the same.

But for now, every day that I take a willing step (both literal and spiritual) into whatever comes feels like a mercy.

Winter in IL30

The snow clearing crew at Augustana College is amazing.

Often I can walk there while the rest of Rock Island is still covered in snow and ice.

In fact,

if it hasn’t snowed in a while,

the trails at Augustana are totally cleared.

Winter in IL33

But my street still looks like a sheet of ice.

Winter in IL34

So I wear my little ice grips until I get to the school.

Winter in IL31

And then take them off on this trail if it’s clear.

Winter in IL32

Here’s a photo just for my kids (and everyone who has ever read The Willoughbys) of me with my crampons on my head.

So absurd.

Even more absurd,

even though I own these ice grips,

I fell a few weeks ago on our steps, walking to the car (sans ice grips of course).

And so my superhero status quickly tanked.

Now I’m less “walking around on the ice” and more “staying at home nursing a bruised tailbone.”

Another  change.

Snapshots of Winter1

So my walks have been either very short or nonexistent over the last couple of weeks.

But we had another big snow a few nights ago,

and it was the kind that makes all the trees look frosted.

Snapshots of Winter9

So I got up and walked to school with Taido just to be the first footsteps on this wooded trail.

Snapshots of Winter6

And to wonder in amazement at how much snow can gather on a tiny little branch.

Snapshots of Winter5

I took so many photos that my fingers started to feel frozen in the single digit temps.

Snapshots of Winter2

But there’s nothing quite like the first morning after a big snow.

Snapshots of Winter3

Especially on a quiet trail.

Snapshots of Winter10

Before the rest of the world is out and about.

Snapshots of Winter11

And if I get snow inside my boots from going too deep into the tall drifts (that definitely happened),

Snapshots of Winter12

Or when the wind makes my nose freeze and my eyes water,

Winter in IL12

I walk on home and find a little snuggle buddy.

Or a hot drink and a book.

Cheers to winter walking, winter reading and winter snuggling!

(And to softening the grip on remaining the same.)

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PS. If you want to be motivated to get outside for a walk in winter weather, you can start training to walk with me in Spain this summer. And here’s something else I wrote about winter walking!


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  1. You are a beautiful and inspiring soul! Thank you for sharing your journey. You give me so much to ponder and I think I will write the quote on a card for my fridge! Continued healing of that tailbone. Hope our paths will soon cross again!

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