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Snapshots from Cape Verde

Highlights of Cape Verde, Africa


I hope you’ll excuse me for getting just a little out of control on Instagram last week while I was in Cape Verde.

Sunshine has a way of making me slightly giddy.

I also took my big camera along to Cape Verde, and these were my favorite seven shots.


I stayed in a gorgeous resort with First Choice Holidays called Melia Dunas. The resort has eight swimming pools and they all have bars conveniently located right next to the pools. A sun lounger and a cocktail is about all I need to be happy on holiday.


Follow the volcanic cobblestones to the beach at Melia Dunas. It became a kind of game for me to spot all the ways this stone is used on the island. Locals break it down into these stones and then load them up in trucks to sell to the new resorts being constructed around the island.


I watched three sunsets from this beach. Each one was beautiful in its own way. I don’t ever get tired of watching the sunset and I always stay way after it has gone down, enjoying all the pink remants streaked underneath the clouds.


Hop in a Land Rover for a tour of the island of Sal. Touring a salt mine (and floating in the lake), seeing a mirage in the desert and visiting the small towns were some of the highlights of this excursion. But I really just enjoyed riding around and talking to our guides.


I always ended up back down here for a little more beach time. Can’t. Get. Enough.


This corridor of palm trees ran straight down the middle of the resort and was lined with restaurants and shops on both sides. There was even a gelato shop, which of course, I had to sample. (Pistachio please!)

More to come from my short break to Cape Verde!

I went to Cape Verde as part of being chosen to be a First Choice Out of Office Blogger, which has been a fab way to see some new parts of the world. I’ll be going to Malta with First Choice in March!


  1. Wow- were you the only one there? Looks very serene… must add to my ‘go’ list!

    1. I was not the only one there, but it was not at all crowded! I spent my early mornings walking the resort and it was very quiet at that time of day. 🙂

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