Spring Love

photo by whitney loibner

On Friday evening, Whitney took Taido and me to one of our favorite places along with many of our favorite delights to do a photo shoot that was so uniquely wonderful.

We packed up some of our favorite books, a new notebook, a yummy picnic and a borrowed quilt.

The whole evening was dreamy and lilting and just easy.

See more on her blog.  She also re-did my header for me and I love it SO MUCH.

Being with Whitney in such an incredibly relaxed setting is when you really get to see her shine.  Or when she really makes you shine, I should say.

I was so completely all wrapped up in the beauty and the love that my heart opened enough to bring a bunny home from our friends’ house for Easter.

A surprise pet at the Chino House on Easter morning!

If you know me, you will understand that bringing an animal home with me from an outing is a very, very rare occasion.  As in, it almost NEVER happens.

But you would have done it too, I promise.

The breeze was blowing just so.  We had wine with cheese and bread.  I read aloud to Taido from one of my very favorite novels.  Our friends were putting in their garden and gathering eggs.  Eggs that they let us take home.  You know how I love fresh eggs.

Spring is so enchanting to me.  My tulips smile at me every time I pull in the driveway.  The wisteria and sunshine are wisping me away to a kinder, softer me.  Even if just for a season.  It happens every year, and I will always be thankful for Whitney for capturing the resurrection in my heart of this feeling that is spring.


  1. Soooo cute! I’m waiting for our next appointment! She is awesome!

  2. Love it. Love Whitney, love y’all.

  3. […] I know and I have experienced again and again the fun it is to just hop along for the ride and trust her eye.  She is amazing both with clothes and pictures.We’ve collaborated on other great shoots and […]

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