five little ducks book image, cute book in the grass

Five Little Ducks

five little ducks book image, cute book in the grass

Five Little Ducks

So remember last year when I posted silly videos of Simon singing his favorite songs from Bible Study and you all humored me because of the many purposes this blog serves, one of them is to be a sort of scrapbook of memories.

Well, it’s time for one of those again.

Simon absolutely loves this song about five little ducks that went out to play. He sings it at school. He sings it at home.

He loves it.

So, when he decided to sing the entire song for his cousin in the tub recently, I ran for my camera.

We also have the sweet picture book of the five little ducks, which he takes to school for show and tell like every week.


Super cutie!


  1. ok that is about the cutest thing ever! I love how he looked like your 3 big kids at different points, with different expressions. and I love his little arkansas accent! ha!

  2. Oh my. We just watched that as a fam, and now I know what the most requested video at our house will be for awhile…my favorite part is the extra loud version…

    what a CUTIE!

  3. i am crying from laughing so hard.
    and i too noticed the accent from the 1 AR born Chino.

  4. i heart them…

  5. Alison! Sooo cute!!!

    Also wanted to let you know I’m passing you the Sunshine Award and Beautiful Blogger Award that I was given. Check it out at


    1. Thanks friend! so sweet.

  6. Alison, that is so precious! You will treasure this forever! Made me smile.

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