Potatoes, Tattie Holidays

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Potatoes, Tattie Holidays

So we’re enjoying/slodging through (depending on who you talk to) our two week long Tattie Holidays.  Some of us might be composing a letter in our heads that goes something like this, Dear Scotland, Your Tattie Holidays are TOO LONG.  Sincerely, The Mother of Grumpy Teenagers. 

Actually there have been some great moments of exploring the coast and beautiful hikes.  I have several posts coming up of hikes that are out of this world gorgeous, but lest you be always thinking that our life is non stop idyllic, you should know that there is always at least one child in tow who is making it known to everyone else that he or she does not appreciate the opportunity to see something new and wonderful today.  In fact, he or she would very much prefer a few more hours in bed to a day in the hills.

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We did finally join our local library this week, which has been a huge help.  Seriously, you don’t even know the kind of peace a large stack of books can bring into a tiny flat. I’m pretty sure Mary Polly demanded requested to stay home from today’s outing just so she could blog about a book she read yesterday.

Also, we still have our Lake District visit ahead of us next week! Yay!

Other Chino House news:

We had a Skype Interview with House Hunters International this week!  Apparently, they might still use us even though we have already moved. Crazy? Some of us are excited, but then there was Cole’s response: Can you tell them you only have three kids? I mean, have you already told them you have four?

We’ll keep you posted.

Jenna from Webjet interviewed me this week about my experience at TBEX in Dublin.  It was super fun and if I could listen to my own voice without cringing, I would totally watch it. 🙂 Basically, I am just all I LOVED THIS TRAVEL CONFERENCE SO MUCH! Which is true.  I really did. And if you are at all interested in travel blogging, I hope you’ll meet me at the next one.

I’m also over at Why Aberdeen this week talking about our move from Arkansas to Scotland.

Ok, enough self promotion.  Here are my favorite corners of the internet this week!

Weekend Link Roundup

I read several self-helpy, get-yourself-out-of-bed-and-on-with-your-life type blogs, and maybe the best thing I read this week from that genre was this quote:

The way you think, the way you speak, the story you tell about yourself to yourself – those words become your reality. Nicole Antoinette

Above quote + two words you should stop saying? Right here. (Fair warning: Language)

One man’s journey to earn 1 million frequent flyer miles in 1 month. Crazy.

Also, if you’re obsessively checking flights to come and see us (or to go somewhere else), I found these tips on saving money on flights super useful.

I’m still learning about our new home city, so I enjoyed this fun, slightly random list of 50 facts about Aberdeen.

Beautiful + Sad + Creative = This NYT essay on Russia.  Russia is still on my short list of places I want to visit in the near future, and there’s something about these tragic sorts of stories that draws me in even more.  Glutton for misery? Yeah, maybe.

But then also, I love a good adventure, as I shared earlier this week.  So now, I want to go back to Ireland and see WHALES!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I love a cruise! So I loved this look behind the scenes of a cruise ship.

Does anyone else find it a little difficult to mix COLD, RAINY WEATHER + LOOKING CUTE?  I think I need this skirt in Scotland, but what I really need is my fashion guru, Whitney.  (Missing our What I Wore Wednesdays, friend!)

That’s it friends! Hope your weekend is full of REST + ADVENTURE!

See you back here on Monday!



  1. I’m glad to know I’m not the only traveler that has kids who are not as excited about our outings as we are!! I just keep thinking that they will appreciate it one day, right? They are very good travelers, but hey, I complain sometimes when I travel too! Ha!
    I think I’m going to send you an email here soon. I really want to pick your brain about the conference and future conferences and opportunities. Maybe we could skype or hey, if you come to London soon we could chat in person! 😉
    And your voice sounds just fine! I cringe when I hear myself too!! Ha!

    1. I keep telling myself the same thing! One day they will look back and be so thankful! We’ll see! 🙂

      Let’s definitely talk soon!! So much info to exchange. I’m pricing tix to London daily and just need to be brave and pull the trigger. 🙂

  2. Househunters International! How exciting! 🙂

    1. I know, right? Super crazy!! I’ll definitely be shouting from the rooftops to pleeeease watch us if it happens!

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