Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland, In the Pipeline

In The Pipeline

Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland, In the Pipeline

Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye

Happy Weekend friends!

We got back yesterday from our first visit to the Isle of Skye! We camped for three nights in the middle of a field and spent our days wandering around + falling in love with the wild west coast of Scotland. The sunshine on the autumn color in Scotland right now is making for gorgeous drives. I was a little sad to come home, but the kids are happy to back in the land of showers and wifi, and while they are resting up, I’m packing my rucksack for the next adventure.

I’m off to Greece next week for TBEX, a travel blogging conference, and after the conference, Sarabeth and I will be exploring Meteora with several other travel bloggers. You can follow along on Instagram if you want.

A few links!

My London Instagrams are on GowithOh’s site.

And more London love on Whitney’s blog from their visit!

A fun post about the Coast to Coast on the Macs Adventure site featuring our photos.

My uncle sent me this article on Star Wars and Skellig Michael, an island in Ireland that we glimpsed but did not get to visit. Next time!

One of the best sessions I attended at a blogging conference in September was on anxiety in blogging, and Dr. Margaret Rutherford did a recap on the AWB site this week. Also she wrote an excellent piece on depression recently for the Huff Po.

As someone who hates the question, “What do you do?” I appreciated this article on an alternate way to introduce people.

Related: being a mom + wife can sometimes feel like being invisible.

I started re-reading Wuthering Heights this week, because I’ve been surrounded by moors lately.

Can we talk about how wonderful this seating arrangement would be for families on airplanes?

Obviously, I’m totally in love with Autumn in Scotland.

Adding this curry to my winter rotation this year for sures.

America’s Oldest Workers>>>Fascinating!

Hope your weekend is full of autumn color + LOVE!



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