Ireland, Green, Donegal

In The Pipeline + Ireland Research

Ireland, Green, Donegal

Happy Weekend!

I’m wrapping up what has been an amazing week in Ireland! Can’t wait to share all about it next week!

For now, here are some of the many spots on the Internet I found helpful while I was researching for my time in this beautiful country!

Have you been to Ireland!? I would love to hear your favorite memories!  I am undone by its beauty!

Dublin Top Tens.

Quintessential Dublin Experiences

Here are some fun ideas for families visiting the southeast of Ireland.

This area is where I spent the bulk of my time in Ireland.

More on the coastal areas of Ireland.

12 interesting, unknown facts about Ireland.

More on Ireland with kids.

What To Wear In Ireland. (Helpful!)

Oh and YAY for October! Now it really feels like autumn, right? Let’s all make Yummy Apple Things to celebrate, shall we?

See you soon!

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  1. Hope you had a chance to see the Book of Kells. I saw it once and was in awe at how old it is and humbled by the thought that this world has been here long before I was and it will be here long after I’m gone. Also recommend visiting Kinsale in County Cork.

  2. so cool to be included in your list. i love those ireland facts and will follow your adventures. we’re dying to be one day….. gabi

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