In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline

Happy Weekend Friends!

Last week basically looked like this: Rain + Depressed.

I did manage to pull out of my funk to go for a walk and make a video though. So that was fun.

I also finished a series for Arkansas Women Bloggers about storyLiving that I’m super proud of. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

And this weekend we are off on a retreat with our church family that we’ve been looking forward to for weeks and weeks. So YAY!

Here are a few links I’ve been collecting from the interwebs.

In The Pipeline

For her 40th birthday, I made my sister this darling iPhone case from Casetify. The photos are all Instagrams from our walk we did this year and it was SUPER easy because the design program pulls the photos straight from your IG account. (PS If you want to give someone one for Christmas, here’s a $10 off code: P92SGV)

Taido’s gift to Anna is, in his own words: one iconic song from every year of your precious life.

There are a few ways to go about this. Perhaps the one that would bring the greatest delight is to listen to the nearly three-hour long mp3, in which each new song is a wonderful surprise. I’m no Girl Talk, but I’ve managed to figure out how to stitch together a pile of mp3s. Of course, the downside is there is no skip functionality. Not that you would want to pass over any gems that are on here, but when you are reliving this musical journey beyond the first listen, you can have each track separately. Since downloading a zip file of songs is so 2011, you can also head on over to Spotify and listen to your heart’s content.

Y’all! I’ve been listening all week and it is a pretty not too bad walk down the last forty years in music. If you know someone else who’s forty this year, feel free to steal it as a perfect gift! 🙂

Oh, and here’s one another song I’m currently obsessed with. (Playing over and over on repeat)

I’ve been following this biking journey all the way through, so I enjoyed the end this week. (Also I can really appreciate the diligence it requires to get to the end of telling these great journey stories!)

Basically combining all the Chino Kid Obsessions in under three glorious minutes. Oh and speaking of Minecraft, here’s some good news about all the time spent on it. Now I’ll be able to sleep at night.

Also in the list of videos my kids show to me would be how to make macarons. (We’re totally doing this at Christmas!) And Ten Kids You Meet at Every Youth Group and Ten Annoying Things Parents Do On Facebook.

I’ve been obsessed all season with these poppies in London that I won’t be seeing in person, but then Kevin had to go and challenge me to re-think the way we talk about past wars, especially in church.

My SIL sent me this list of great buildings in Scotland. And since we have three teenagers, my hubs sent me this list of 7 countries where Americans can attend university for free. Yes please!

That’s it for me this week friends! We’re off into the woods!



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  1. Love the phone case!! What a special gift!!
    The poppies were just amazing!! Such a beautiful tribute!
    I hope the church trip was fun, sounds like it!!

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