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I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Ours was full of food, friends and squeezing in those last summer memories.

Labor Day officially marks the end of summer for me.  Even though we hit 100 degrees yesterday and we have not yet seen the end of the three digit temperatures in Little Rock, I feel like it’s time for fall.

Here in the deep south, fall might have to be just an autumn colored airy dress for a little while.

We’ve been trying a new chore system this month that involves our kids more in the cooking.  They even get to choose what they want to fix on their night of the week.  Ben picked quesadillas and Cole chose sausage mushroom risotto this week. Yum.

cute way to style pizza ingredients for a party, pizza party

We also made pizza, salsa, waffles and a new very special treat that we’ll be sharing the recipe for soon!  Chocolate and Peanut Butter!



Mary Polly got creative with her time off school updating my children’s book archives with new pictures.

We also managed to fit in trips to the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge, the library, the pool (last day it was open!), the farmer’s market and to see some sweet baby twins that were just born to our friends.  Gasp!  Needless to say, we are in LOVE with Samuel and Simone.

Happy Monday, I mean, Tuesday.

Hello to a new week of projects, after I clean up from this weekend.


  1. hey alison! i would love your sausage mushroom risotto recipe. i couldn’t get your link to work :(. thanks!

  2. […] Clinton Presidential Library.  From the grounds outside, there are great views of the library and bridge.  Fields planted with bamboo and multicolored brick walkways make this whole area such a lovely […]

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