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In The Pipeline: October

Happy Fall Y’all.

The leaves are seriously gorgeous right now. I can’t get anywhere for how much I stop to look at them. All the colors.

I started attending yoga this week, a practice I have severely let go lately (apart from 10-15 minutes of child’s pose on my mat at home), and I’m so happy to be back in classes.

Even if they are in German.

I just put my mat in the back and follow along.

(All of a sudden I’m struck by how little need there is for all that talking in yoga.)

Also I started my language classes this week. We had an orientation and a placement test. I haven’t been in a classroom in a long, long time and being around students and teachers kinda brings out my inner teenager.

I have a huge pile of links this month because in spite of much of the vitriol that rolls across my feeds, the internet is actually full of a lot of good + wonderful right now.


One of my favorite writers/copywriters (Alexandra Franzen) released a free book called You are Going to Survive. It’s a collection of stories of folks who have survived bad yelp reviews, broken hearts, nasty blog comments and all those kinds of icky criticisms that make me want to put my head under a pillow. It’s a big dose of much needed encouragement. I’m super thankful to Alexandra for putting it together. She also released a little gem about figuring out if you need to hire a copywriter that is OH SO HELPFUL if you’re even thinking about hiring out the writing for your blog or newsletter or upcoming project, definitely give it a read. I’ve been doing lots more copywriting/ghostwriting lately and I think it’s a wonderful resource for trying to decide what kind of help you need if you’re launching a website/eCourse/eBook.

Ann Voskamp’s blog has long been a happy corner of the internet for me. She made me smile by adding her Canadian love to the onslaught of kindness that is Tell America It’s Already Great. And she has a new book out that I started this week.

Here’s a quote:

I wonder if all the bad brokenness in the world begins with the act of forgetting—forgetting God is enough, forgetting what He gives is good enough, forgetting there’s always more than enough and that we can live into an intimate communion. Forgetting is kin to fear.

AND, Ann’s story about welcoming a refugee family to their town is all kinds of happy feels.

Speaking of refugees. While there are still so many hard stories, there are also many good refugee stories when you look for them.

There was an outpouring of love on this refugee community after they were the target of a thwarted attack.

A whole website dedicated to changing the conversation about immigration in the church.

For all who drowned in the Mediterranean, fur-alle-ertrunkenen-im-mittelmeer
I walked by this sign this week in town. Translation: For all who have drowned in the Mediterranean.

October saw 10000 people rescued from the rough crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. Here’s a glimpse of one night’s rescue stories.

YWAM is mobilizing to help others reach out to refugees in Europe.

Three episodes of Sorta Awesome from a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Several children were welcomed into the UK this week from Calais, but there is so much more to be done. (I’ve watched the dismantling of the refugee camp in Calais this week with dismay and crying out: Come Lord Jesus!)

A friend recommended these daily devotional emails to me from Richard Rohr. They are a bright spot. Here is a quote from one I recently loved:

People who haven’t come to [..] awareness of their own dark side will always find someone else to hate or fear.

I have totally been (re)-connecting with the Enneagram vibes these days through my newfound love for Suzanne Stabile’s and Ian Morgan Cron’s book and podcast. They were recently guests on the Liturgists Podcast where they do a great detailing of all nine personality numbers if you’re curious about an introduction to the wonders of the Enneagram.

Listening to Ian and Suzanne has helped me newly embrace my enneagram number and the gift that it is to be me. Just as I am. 🙂

Also I laughed at this cartoon of how each personality parents.

I’m loving this song A LOT these days. It’s off of Taido’s fall playlist which is constantly playing at our house. Another new favorite off that list is our friend Robby Earle’s single Heartland. So, so beautiful! And one more lovely song off a new album I’m enjoying.

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople is the sweetest movie I have seen in a long time. Oh my heart.

Lastly, hearing Mary Karr on On Being…a soulful blessing to my heart.

That’s about it for me this month. We’re moving this weekend out of our temporary flat and into our new digs.

I’m thinking maybe it will feel good to get a little bit more settled.

I hope your weekend is bursting with autumn color!



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