In The Pipeline, Bailey, Chino House

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline, Bailey, Chino House

It’s been rainy and cold in Aberdeen for days. Like, how can it even be summer? I turned my heat back on a couple of days ago. Simon and I have been building fires in the backyard while my family sends me whiny texts about the heat in Arkansas. Cray.

In The Pipeline, Bailey, Chino House

The highlight of our week was that we got to hang out with our good friend Bailey Via who stopped over between a semester in Capetown and heading back to America. She never saw the sun in Aberdeen, but we still managed to have loads of fun. We went for walks and visited castles and sat under blankets at night drinking tea and watching movies. You know, just like in winter.

In The Pipeline, Bailey, Chino House

We sent her off and now we’re slogging through the last couple of weeks of school. (BECAUSE SCHOOL IS STILL IN SESSION OVER HERE!) But a week from today we will be leaving school behind! We’re heading to the Lake District with some friends from church and we are all hecka excited.

Until then, I will be finishing up as much writing, editing and blogging as possible. Head down and full speed ahead!

How about some LINKS?

My links this week are kind of all over the place, but I guess maybe they always are. Just a reflection of what I’ve been taking in lately…

It’s always interesting to me to read a¬†non-American’s¬†impressions of America.

Loving this artist’s response to Charleston.

I cringe whenever I see the confederate flag, so I celebrated the removal of it lately from many places, but then this cartoon. Ouch.

I watched Dear White People this week. Highly recommend if you can stomach some illicit bits and don’t mind getting real uncomfortable. If you’re into it, also fascinating >>> this interview with the director and one of the main actors in the film.

Reading Surprised By Oxford. Love.

Downloaded this app because it looks PRESH to me, but then none of my FB friends are on it. Oops.

Sometimes it seems like every member of our household is learning a different language, and we all argue about which one is the best, so this video made us all laugh.

The power of a long walk. YES!

My favorite travel agent wrote a great post about why you should book your vacation early. Like a year in advance. I am a big fan of planning ahead but I find that people struggle to commit so far in advance. But to help you out, she has also put together a trip to Greece in July of 2016 that you can jump on. It looks pretty fab!

If you’re dreaming of Ireland this summer, this itinerary in one of the least visited but loveliest parts of the country is super tempting!

Also MacsAdventure is showing off some great beach walks around Europe. Yes, please!

I visited Glen Garioch distillery this week with my friend Bailey. It’s a small batch, very smooth Highland single malt whisky. It’s kind of hard to find, but if you ever see a bottle, I highly recommend it. (My #SpeysideSistas would approve!)

That’s it for me, folks!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



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