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2 favorite salad dressings,

4 favorite essays,

2 books and 1 song.

Happy Friday friends.

I’ve made several jars of my two favorite salad dressings (Goddess and Ginger) so I’ve been eating salads for days.

Ben: Let me guess what’s for dinner? Salad again? 

It’s been a minute since I did any kind of life update. I think that’s partly because I am working on several projects I haven’t been ready to publicize, but mostly because I keep waiting for the shift in the transitional nature of our lives.

Clearly, that shift is a futile thing to wait for so I’m moving on forward with being present in this crazy, unpredictable life of our family being split between countries and states.

By moving forward, I mostly mean that I go for a walk every day and I write every day.

So…business as usual. 🙂

I have been working on more client projects in 2018 than I’ve ever had before, which is exciting. I’ve been doing a bit more ghostwriting and lots more editing. I love both immensely because they allow me to indulge in my great love for words AND get paid at the same time. Which is LOVELY. (I have a few more openings for ghostwriting eBooks this summer in case you know of anyone who needs help with that sort of thing.)

The books that have rocked my world this week are Gabor MatĂ©’s In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction and Matthew Desmond’s Evicted.

I’m also reading The Power of Breath and Chakra Yoga because I am currently doing Yoga Teacher Training. (Cheers to the pursuit of long held dreams, friends!)

This essay, Walking While Black, is the most beautiful thing I’ve read on the internet in a long time.

And this one reminds me why I oppose ALL the wars.

Our white supremacist society is aversely affecting the pregnancies and childbirths of black women in surprising ways.

I’m pretty sure every high school and college graduate, plus anyone else who is experiencing a career shift (raises hand), should read this lengthy, but helpful guide to picking a career that actually fits you in this modern day society.

This song is my favorite right now. (Hamilton renditions for the win, y’all.)

It’s supposed to be hecka gorgeous around here this weekend so cheers to feeling the sun on our faces!

Happy weekend!



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