Black Forest 08

A Walk in the Black Forest

A Walk in the Black Forest in Germany

Black Forest 03

Last summer, we knew our time in Germany was winding down, at least for a while, so we spent our Saturdays finding new trails even though we were perfectly happy to walk the same gorgeous trails around Tübingen over and over again.

The boys had gone camping in the Black Forest in the spring, which is a couple of hours away from Tübingen. They loved it so much that we decided to go back for a long day hike.

Black Forest 04


Taido found a hike to a small lake (Glaswaldsee) along the western way (Westweg) of the Black Forest, so we packed a picnic lunch which we planned to eat in the sunshine by the lake.

Black Forest 05

Black Forest Wandering

These are perhaps the moments with my family I love the very most.

I have been on more of these walks than I could possibly count or remember, but I know that each one is a treasure.

Black Forest 06

Every time we head for the hills or follow a new trail through the trees, my heart fills up in a familiar way.

Black Forest 07

Even if my legs are tired or I’m weary from the week behind me, I know as soon as my feet start taking steps that any stress is going to fall right off of me onto the path.

Black Forest 08

Following my family to new lookouts never gets old.

Black Forest 09

Perched high above the the Black Forest, the world and all its problems (and my problems as well) grow small.

Down below we can see the lake were had just picnicked. Was that ten minutes ago or an hour? Who can tell because of the way time has slowed down…

Black Forest 10

There is only this hill to climb.

There is only the view before me.

There are only these pink flowers to smile at.

Walking is the very best way I know to be in the present moment.

To accept what is.

Black Forest 01

To come alive again.

Black Forest 02

I love the walk and I love the way I feel when I collapse into a chair after the walk.

Black Forest 11

Tired, but rested.

Truly content.

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