Halloween Spider Web Pretzel Snacks

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We made the cutest spider webs out of pretzels for an activity at Literacy Camp this past summer that would be a great Halloween craft and snack.

This activity ties in perfectly with children’s book Anansi the Spider, the African folk tale about six spiders with different gifts for helping others.

anansi the spider, spider webs, halloween crafts, spider snacks, tie in activities


We also did a super easy craft with balloons and pipe cleaners on this same day.  You just twist a black balloon to make a head and then use four pipe cleaners to make eight legs.  I think we used white paint for the eyes and mouth, but a white paint pen would be even better.

For the spider web, you need pretzels, almond bark (melted in the microwave according to the instructions), raisins, and nutella or frosting for the spider legs.

I gave each child some wax paper and a small ziplock bag of the melted almond bark.  Then I put the pretzels, raisins and a small plate of nutella with toothpicks (for drawing spider legs) in the middle of the table.

While the almond bark hardened, we did the other spider craft at a different table, and then we all came back to our spider webs for snack time.  The whole web pops easily off of the wax paper.  So cutie!

anansi the spider activity, spider pretzels, halloween snacks

What kind of fun things are you making for Halloween?

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