God Grew Tired of Us

The last two days finally slowed down enough for me to recover a little from spring break. I’ve been catching up on my reading. In between laundry loads. I picked this book up at the library when I went in search of the documentary by the same name. Anna told me I needed to watch it, but I’m reading instead and I guess I’ll pick up the documentary later.

When I finish God Grew Tired of Us, next in the cue is The Devil Came on Horseback. It was right next to this one at the library and is the name of yet another documentary about the Sudan. So strange. I had both of these on my “to watch” list, but didn’t even know they were books first.

So what I’m wondering is how many movies, books, songs, benefits, letters, emails, etc have to exist about the Sudan before it is enough to stop the madness? I guess a whole lot more.

Especially if all I’m going to do about it is sit in my camp chair at chess tournaments and soccer games tomorrow weeping for the Sudanese. Maybe on Monday someone could help me put all that grief to good use. Can we start a Sudan refugee home in Central Arkansas? Help me out people.

What are you reading this weekend?


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