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A Gift For You: My Current Favorite Meditation

A Meditation from Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ

Richard Rohr Meditation On Jesus on the cross

Hello sweet friends.

I’m locked down in quarantine just like most everyone else.

But last week I was in Arkansas and I spent a couple of days hiking with my dad, and while I was in one of my favorite places, I sat down and recorded this meditation for you.

It’s a meditation from Richard Rohr called “A Conversation with the Crucified Christ,” featured in his latest book, The Universal Christ.

I read this book twice last fall, and I wrote out this mediation in my journal and have been using it often. I read it in front of this tiny little crucifix that I purchased in Assisi last year. It’s a replica of the cross before which Saint Francis spent hours praying.

I cannot overstate how helpful these words have been to me over the last several months, so I wanted to share them with you.


Find a quiet corner of your house.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Maybe even close your eyes.

Then imagine that Jesus is speaking to you from the Cross and then that you are speaking back to him.


If you enjoy this meditation or you find it helpful, you would probably love receiving Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations or his books. Right now I’m on my second read-through of Eager to Love. I wrote about it recently for Humility Walk.

Whatever you’re doing or wherever you are right now, I wish you peace and love.


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