Easter Garden

easter garden

If you’ve been with me for a while you know that once upon a time, I had a very bad day and I bought a pot for my front doorstep.  And if you know my house, if you grace us with your presence, you also know that apart from this pot and a flower bed or two, the rest of our front yard looks like people have been playing football in it.  Because they have.  When we first moved here there was some grass with weeds mixed in.  Then the weeds took over, and now there is just dirt.

see the dirt

I am developing a tradition of filling this pot in the spring with a few pretty plants that will make me smile when I walk past them into my front door.  A focal point.  Perhaps the neighbors will also point their eyes towards my little pot, instead of the eyesore that is the front lawn.  But even if they don’t, I still will.

watch out for the tulips!

watch out for simon!

Early last week I got a vision for my treasured pot.  A blogger I read made this beautiful Easter garden in a basket with her children.  Her basket has a darling little stone path leading to a chiseled out rock that represents Jesus’ empty tomb.  I thought about letting my children participate, but since I bought this pot for the lifting of my own soul, I opted to put it together Friday while they were at school.  Simon helped a little.  However, I did not chisel a tomb.  When you go out in to our garage to find a tool such as a chisel, you find computer cords, old hard drives, motherboards and other technical pieces of equipment that I can’t name.  This is the kind of handy my husband is.  Computer handy.  So I found some rocks from Mary Polly’s field trip to the Crystal Mines last spring and I made do.  In my heart, I see the tomb.

When Mary Polly and Ben got home from school they ooohed and awwed over our spring garden.  They even guessed about the tomb.  Then they went and got all these little tiny toy animals and put them all over my spring pot.  And I was feeling so generous and warm that I did NOT say, Um, could you please get all that plastic junk out of my beloved pot? I said, Oh, it looks sweet.

Happy Holy Week to you and yours!

little plastic butterfly

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I have been looking at the gorgeous apothecary jars at Park Hill Home with their little terrariums in them and wanting to try one. This is neat because it can go outside and I won’t forget to water! 🙂

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