A Story about Reading Children’s Christmas Books

A Story about Reading Children’s Christmas Books

Thursday night after yoga I went to a bookstore and sat in the children’s section for a long time with a pile of newly published Christmas books for children.

I do this every year.

Well, every year since I worked in a bookstore in Deerfield, Illinois while Taido was in seminary.

One December night when I was working late in the children’s section, I was reading Christmas books for children.  The Christmas Miracle of Joanathan Toomey had just come out that year and it made me cry and feel happy and sappy and all warm inside. The illustrations were as lovely as the story.

I decided right then and there that I would go ahead and buy that book. Then one day when I had children I would read it to them every year at Christmas. In fact, I would read them all the fun Christmas stories I could find.

Reading Christmas stories at Christmas is now absolutely my favorite holiday tradition.

I have a whole tub of books in one of those red and green storage boxes and I get them out for the whole month of December. We read and them over and over.

Some are very silly, but most have been carefully chosen with love, just like this week when I selected these additions to our Christmas box of stories for this year.

Angela and the Baby Jesus by Frank McCourt

Toot and Puddle: Let it Snowby Hollie Hobbie

The All I’ll Ever Want for Christmas Dollby Patricia K. McKissack

Great Joy by Kate Dicamillo.

Tommorow, I will wrap them all up and we’ll open them one cold night when our hearts are ready to be warmed with new stories.



  1. how cool that just before i clicked on your page, i was wondering what book i should review for the next FN newsletter. it makes me want to review my favorite book, “little women.” i wonder if that would meet with dh’s approval. i’m about to e-mail her and find out!

  2. oh, suzy, do review little women- what a timeless classic! i read it every couple of years (around Christmas time naturally) and it still makes me cry…

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