Snapshots of Little Rock: Big Dam Bridge

After a couple of busy days in which we were all running different directions, we decided to spend Saturday evening together as a family.

Everyone wanted to watch a movie, but Taido and I decided we all needed to get out of the house.

The summer heat has given us a little relief the last few days in Little Rock, so we headed to the Big Dam Bridge for a walk.

Clouds plus a breeze on the river made it a perfect night for this outing.

We always stop on top for a minute to enjoy the view of the Arkansas River.

Then we venture over to the Little Rock side to play on the anchor.

The Big Dam Bridge extends in two directions on the Little Rock side, so we walked down one and then walked the trail that takes you to the other end of the fork in the bridge.

This trail also goes all the way out to Two Rivers Bridge near Pinnacle Mountain (which you can see in the distance from The Big Dam Bridge).

These walking and bike trails are all a part of the River Trail, which forms a huge loop around the Little Rock area.  There are now four different pedestrian bridges that cross the Arkansas River.  These trails and bridges make our town great for biking, walking and running.

Taido bikes these trails and bridges several times a week, but it’s nice to come out once in a while for more of a stroll.

It’s even better if we can catch it at sunset.

Hello pink streaks of cloud to the east.

After watching the sunset, we loaded up and headed to our local yogurt shop for a treat.

Such a great summer evening!


I’m linking up with Design Mom today for Love The Place You Live.

Oh, and Whitney is posting today about another of our favorite Little Rock fun spots (and another bridge)!



  1. I can see why that got named one of the top 10 bridges in the US. What an amazing structure and it takes walking to a whole new level (haha). Seriously, though it looked like a fun family time.

  2. Wow! This looks so fun! I’d love to bike this.

  3. […] day, I drive over one of the many bridges that connects my town to downtown Little Rock.  We walk on them, ride bikes over them, drive to and from school over them.  Most days, I give no thought to what […]

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