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Y’all, I’ve been walking in the early mornings and I found a red UK phone booth in a yard in my neighborhood. Right here in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Isn’t that crazy?

I painted it as part of trying to stretch my creative muscles in a new way for Candace’s Moment Sketchers project. So fun.

I started a personal yoga challenge for myself this month. I’m attending classes all around the Little Rock area as I continue to work through my teacher training. I’ll finish training in August, but I have a lot more practice teaching to do so I’ve got my sons being my guinea pigs. They’ve been great sports.

It’s summer, so I’m begging my kids to read instead of play video games. Which is probably why I enjoyed this piece about why we need readers.

Summer is for reading novels by the pool. Here are four I’ve already read and LOVED:

Leopard at the Door and The Fever Tree by Jennifer McVeigh

City of Thieves by David Benioff

At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen

I’ve also been exploring Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication, both the book and on YouTube. It’s kind of making my head explode.

My dear friend, Amy, celebrated the finish of her PhD in Theology by walking the West Highland Way, and she wrote this beautiful piece about her journey. It made me miss Scotland for sure.

I’ve participated for the last three weeks in the Poor People’s Campaign. The first week, I got arrested with 14 of my new best friends for singing in the streets. The second week I dragged my kids along. And last week I went by myself to lie down on the Arkansas Capitol lawn for a Pray In + Die In. I’ve wanted to write more about this experience, but for now it’s all super new to me and I am just taking it in. Learning. Observing. I read a book by Dr. Rev. William Barber last fall in a Bridge Builders book club. When I hear him speak, I think, “This man is about seeing the kingdom of heaven come on earth.” And I want to be a part of it. That’s the main reason I keep showing up. (There are still three weeks left if you want to join me!)

Other than that, I’m hanging at the pool as often as the boys will go.

Our summer routine: Walk + Yoga + Work + Lunch + Pool.

I do love me some hot Arkansas summer.

Pass the watermelon.


PS. We sang this song in the choir yesterday and it’s the most fun!

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  1. Love reading your inspiring words! You motivate me….I am going to read more!

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