Watch for The Light

I’m reading through this treasure of a book for Advent this year called Watch for the Light.  Already I have been so blessed by the musings of Kathleen Norris, Bernard of Clairvaux and Karl Rahner.

Today’s reading opened with this poem by St Thomas Aquinas.

Light of lights! All gloom dispelling,

Thou didst come to make thy dwelling

Here within our world of sight.

Lord, in pity and in power,

Thou didst in our darkest hour

Rend the clouds and show thy light.


Praise to thee in earth and heaven

Now and evermore be given,

Christ, who art our sun and shield.

Lord, for us thy life though gavest,

Those who trust in thee thou savest,

All thy mercy stands revealed.

A mercy revealed.

That’s exactly what the birth of Jesus is.

I’m thankful today for that mercy.

I pray I will see it all through the season, and that I myself might have the grace to reveal it in my own heart.

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