sweet story, farm book, old school

The Rusty Trusty Tractor by Joy Cowley

The Rusty Trusty Tractor

sweet story, farm book, old school

Ben went through a phase of wanting to hear The Rusty Trusty Tractor by Joy Cowley every night when he was little.  And now Simon is loving this story just as much.

It is about a grandfather and grandson who are working to bring in their crop of hay with an old tractor.

A salesman tries to talk the grandpa into buying a new model, but he won’t hear it.  He can’t part with his old friend, the tractor he can fix with wires and that he coaxes through each passing season.

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This precious story reminds me of the patience and determination of farmers I’ve had the privilege of meeting.

As we read it this summer, the boys and I talked about how the drought we’ve had this year would affect this farmer and his grandson.  I’ve been watching Arkansas farm news more closely since I got to hear stories from a farmer this past spring.

I’ve been thinking that we should definitely put on our boots and make a trip to visit a farm this fall.


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