Simon Sings His BSF Songs

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Simon Sings His BSF Songs

Today is Wednesday, so Simon and I should be together at Bible Study Fellowship.

But instead I am in Colorado and he is in Arkansas and BSF is off for the week because it’s spring break.

In honor of not going to BSF, here is Simon singing his two favorite songs he learned there: Trust and Obey and Glory Hallelujah. One of the best things about BSF is that the children’s program and these sweet songs they sing.

Simon sings these songs constantly and I’m so glad I captured them on video! I know we will be watching these for years and years.

So very precious!


  1. oh my goodness he is too cute!!! such enthusiasm!! somehow I see that transferring to the football field someday… miss you all!

  2. this is how i feel too. all alone….except i don’t have any cute videos of me singing great songs and jumping from the coffee table to the couch.

  3. i will soon be posting on how much Simon enjoys watching himself. he is a cutie pie.

  4. some one should film you millie– its got to be a sight! but i’m not sure even YOU can top sweet simon…

  5. I sure missed that little toot this week…

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