Hanging around Camp: Colorado

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Sometimes with all the hikes, bike rides and adventures we have on our camping vacations, I overlook that one of the very best parts of camping is just being there.

Sharing coffee and hot chocolate on a cold mountain morning.

Sitting around in our chairs telling stories.

Laughing at Grandpapa’s jokes.

hanging in camp, instagram camping

Watching Taido fix bikes.

Doing camp dishes in bright tubs.

Reading a book. Playing cards or Settlers of Catan.

camp instagrams

Letting the cool breeze from the river blow on my face.

Wondering at how the kids still have energy to play after hiking all day.

Throwing rocks.

hanging in camp, stream, kids playing in stream, instagram

Building forts and dams with rocks and sticks.

Noticing how the clouds change as the day goes by.

playing in the river, kids playing, instagram

Makes me wishful for a little fall camping weekend sometime soon!

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