Little Girl reading The End of The Series of Unfortunate Events

The End: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 13

Little Girl reading The End of The Series of Unfortunate Events

I promise you I did not stage this picture.

We have finally reached the end of The Series of Unfortunate Events, a collection of books that we have loved together as a family this season.

When I came down the stairs yesterday morning, very sleepy still at 6:30am, I found sweet Mary Polly on the couch, dressed for school and trying to finish the final Lemony Snicket book. Clearly, she was gripped. Her gaze did not even lift from the pages as I snapped this picture.

Can you possibly know what that does inside me? Her room is a pit and she will NOT practice the piano, but look at her!

Even better…a detail you must know but cannot see…is that she is wearing her own new version of the shirt, my favorite Icebreaker that I almost never take off. She got it two days ago and she is, true to form, wearing it here for the second day in a row. In fact, she left in it yesterday to go camping with her daddy and will probably return still wearing it today. Love!

When she left for school she still had tears in her eyes from the ending of The End. When we both realized that I had forgotten to put her snack in her backpack, she said with a melancholy sigh,

That’s ok mama, I don’t need a snack today.

It was like she couldn’t possibly think of eating at a time like this.


  1. not being a mama (except to dogs), i can’t imagine *exactly* how you feel. however, as someone who has been a reader since the womb, it does something indescribable to my heart, too.

  2. She’s sweet and definitely on her way to a love affair with books. Has she asked for another book? Do you take her to the library? I have two daughters that love books too. Our house is beginning to look more like a library. 🙂

  3. Oh it is heartbreaking to finish a series. Until you realize that you can start all over again. What a perfect weekend for camping…what fun.

  4. well it’s ovious you didn’t stage that pic,because my mum use to wake up in the mid night and fing me reading a book,she encourages me that reading is good but not at late night

  5. be still my beating heart! a lover of books like her mama…that’s priceless! you can’t buy it nor wish it- the bibliophile. they are born.

  6. Don’t tell me “the end” is sad too! I’ve been holding out hope things would someday turn around…

  7. well…i read “the end” friday night while they were gone camping, and it isn’t exactly happy, but i don’t know…there are some hopeful elements…

    i think she was as sad for the series to be over as she was for it to end the way it did.

    she started the “julie” american girl books today…grandjules got her the boxed set and she’s now totally immersed in julie-world…

  8. i still feel this way….

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