Rainy Monday Morning Grateful

Rainy Monday Morning Grateful.

Cultivating Gratitude in the Morning.

My kids go to school in this beautiful building.

This morning it was dark and rainy when I dropped them off.  Everyone was so sleepy.  The clock in the car said 6:30 because I hadn’t changed it yet for daylight savings.

It was kind of brutal, but Mary Polly said at least it would still be light enough to play when she gets home from school.

That’s something to be thankful for.

Here’s a few more.

Taido not being out of town this weekend

sunny soccer fields

an adoption celebration for a precious family

walking to church

faith, love and hope

my Grandmother catching me after church, praising God with teary eyes for the service

boys playing outside all day, even after dinner

neighbors who feed my kids

hot bread and butter

sprawling on the floor talking to Mary Polly about movies

sleepy Simon with a cup full of Cheerios

garage that provides shelter from the rain

fresh fruit at Sam’s for early customers

rained out soccer = everyone home for dinner

cream for my coffee

Mary Polly sectioning a grapefruit for herself, and the other half for her brother

rain on the flowers



  1. Sweet girl, makes me smile

  2. hmm. have a feeling I should have read this much earlier today. maybe i wouldn’t have been quite so grumpy…

    thanks friend. 🙂

  3. A beautiful list of gratitudes! So glad I stopped by to read them. Your grandmother’s tears of love was so precious! And to be able to walk to church. I would just love that. Sounds so old fashioned and better than the hurried up drive! Thank you for a great visit!!!

    1. Thanks so much Cora for stopping by! And for your kind words.

  4. We’re still working on the day light savings adjustment too and looking for gifts in the too tired babes.

    I love grandmothers…visiting mine right now.

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