Lakewood Lake, Spring Green

A Love Letter to Lakewood Lake

A Love Letter to Lakewood Lake

Lakewood Lake 2012

In honor of wishing I was smack dab in the middle of a giant family gathering today, I am sharing an ode to one of my favorite spots in my hometown, Lakewood Lake.

A Love Letter to Lakewood Lake

You have been my stomping grounds since I was a wee thing.

My sister and I used to jump in the water after sweating through church picnics in the neighboring pavilion.

In high school, I started running the loop around you with friends, trying to work off all those curly fries and milkshakes from our waistlines.

I wandered around you in the dark after school dances. I may or may not have kissed a boy or two under the trees that surround your shores.

My mom and I both have measured our improving or declining health by how many times we can do the mile loop that circles you.Lakewood Lake, Spring Green

And I have measured each of my children’s growths by what they can reach on the playground or how high they can climb on the structures that are so old that my parents climbed them as children.

The kids all played in Saturday soccer games on the fields next to your waters, and Taido has played tennis with them all on the courts.

We have come to see you straight from school on many afternoons to burn off energy, play at the park and eat snacks at the picnic tables.

I cannot begin to number the times I have come here to read, to write or just be alone with my thoughts. To take a deep breath.

Lakewood Lake, Arkansas, Spring, Dogtown

There are few bad days that an hour at Lakewood Lake could not improve for me.

Every time I see a picture from home of you, I die a little inside. I miss you so much. I live near the sea here in Aberdeen, Scotland, so you would think that would be a fine substitute for a small neighborhood lake. But the North Sea is not holding all my life memories like you are, Lakewood Lake. It is almost as if the water itself is keeping vigil over my stories of growing up and living in Arkansas. And when I return, you hand them back to me one at a time, or let me add a new one.

I love you in every season and in all sorts of weather, and you can bet that you will be one of the first places I go when I make my way back to Arkansas.

Lakewood Lake in the Summer, Arkansas, Dogtown

PS. Friends, if you live near the lake, walk a loop for me today after you eat your Thanksgiving feast and send me a photo. 

Is there a place in your hometown that is like this for you? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. That’s a fun way to track your progress – trouble with that lake is that it’s so pretty I’d have a tough time leaving. I would definitely be chronically lake to work. *laugh*

    1. Haha!! I have definitely lost track of time more than once and been late somewhere after stopping there! 🙂

  2. It’s a bit cold here for that, but I do love that lake! And I think I ran a few laps around it with you at one time or another! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Oh for sure! Many, many dreams/hopes/prayers shared on walks around that lake!

  3. Such a beautiful entry, both in words and pictures! Happy Belated Thanksgiving : )

    1. Thanks so much Katherine! Hope you had a lovely holiday as well.:)

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