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We’ve survived our first week of summer.  It’s always takes us a minute to get into the swing of summer, so during week one we usually have a few mishaps.

We get to the pool without our sunscreen.  We run out of bread because I forget how many sandwiches we eat.  I forget that I need a plan for the few hours I work outside of the home every week.

Taido and the big kids are off at camp now, so Simon and I are painting the house (willing it to sell) and hanging out with our cousins.


Here are a few fun things that have happened in the last week!

P. Allen Smith’s Summer eMagazine came out, and our family trip to Moss Mountain Farm is featured on several pages!  So much fun!  I have three summer salad recipes in it, so you might want to print it out and make those sometime soon!


(Those are my hands mixing and pouring that dressing right there!)


Also, we were tickled pink to be Honorably Mentioned for our Chino House Family Cycling Video at Olive Us.

Did you see, I’m giving away BACON this week?  You should definitely enter to win that!

Here are a few things that are In The Pipeline at the Chino House:


We finished up our Month 4 of Seven, which was a fast from Media.  And now we’re headed into Month 5, which is Waste.  I am excited about sharing the seven ways we are cutting our carbon footprint with you.  As part of Month 3, which was all about giving away our possessions, we have had two Giveaway Garage Sales to raise money for missions.  Sarabeth shared this week about the one at her house.  She totally captured how these events make me feel: full to the brim with love and amazement at how things just work out when you are willing to show up and give of yourself!


Remember that European Cruise I went on last year?  I’m sharing more from our two days in Venice next week!

Also, I finally visited Crystal Bridges and OH MY GOODNESS, I can’t wait to go through the pictures. It was amazing.


I am still trying to gather my thoughts and feelings about our upcoming move to Scotland.  Almost every day brings a new bit of news or a new challenge to work through (Visas?! Yikes!)  However, we are already so amazed at how we have seen God’s faithfulness to us in the midst of so many unknowns.

I hope to write more about it soon, but my husband, Taido, has written at length about our journey to this decision, so you can read his point of view until I can get mine together. 🙂

I hope your summer is off to a great start and that you have the best weekend ever, soaking up sunshine and loving with all your heart.







  1. SO EXCITING about the magazine Alison!!!

    1. I know, right? I am pinching myself a little.

  2. Alison, the recipes look incredible! I’m printing them. How cool that you are in the magazine! Yay, summer!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly Jo! I tried to pick some favorites! 🙂

  3. Love the story. I’m going to miss you. We need another meet up b4 u leave.

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